There’s nothing like sleeping under the open sky with pinprick starlight flickering overhead and
the fresh air full on your face. Other than bad weather, one of the obvious things that can ruin the
experience is sleeping on hard ground. Even if you make the best of that through the use of an air
mattress bed, some folks (me included) worry incessantly about bugs and critters. One of the
more creative solutions to this problem is the ingenious truck bed air mattress.

What’s the difference between a truck air mattress and a regular air mattress bed?

Designed to maximize available mattress coverage, air mattress beds for trucks are custom
tailored to fit snugly in the bed of your truck or SUV while wrapping around the wheel wells.
This H shape means maximum coverage and no wasted space. And, of course, sleeping
comfortably on air beds for trucks means less likelihood of bugs, scorpions or snakes crawling
into your sleeping bag with you at night.

Aside from the points already mentioned, what differentiates truck air beds from their
conventional counterparts is that there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all option. As you shop for a
truck air mattress bed, look for models designed specifically for your vehicle.

Where to buy truck air mattresses

This is one product you don’t want to bother running to the store to purchase. As already stated,
air mattresses for trucks come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate various truck and
SUV makes and models. To make your search as simple as possible, do your shopping online.

AirBedz (PPI 101) Original Truck Bed Air Mattress for Full Sized 8′ Long Bed Trucks, Royal Blue

As we did with our reviews of kids air mattress beds, we’ll review at least two different brands
of truck air mattresses including the well known Truck-Bedz and Airbedz models. Both are
leaders in this particular niche. Check back over the next few days to read all about them.

In the meantime, plan your next vacation with open air sleeping on a truck bed air mattress in
mind. It makes for a unique and wonderful way to experience the outdoors without suffering
needless discomfort.